Clarity & Focus

My last post was about how I needed clarity in my life about my next steps. And I got it. Not even a few minutes later, I got to encounter the peace and joy of heaven when I engaged with a FB group I joined where people practice the prophetic and encourage people regularly. They […]

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The joy of obedience

 I’ve wanted to share this story for  some time but for some reason I haven’t done so yet. Now is the time. It’s a story from my DTS.  Come and  journey back with me to about 5 and a half months ago-  2 weeks before leaving on outreach.  Imagine 66 students packed into a basement. […]

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Mombasa: trash dump

We went to the trash dump the day after doing street ministry in another location in Mombasa.  My experience of the first day of ministry was jarring. This was such an unfamiliar environment. I have interacted with people who were high and had to work to support them in the past but this was beyond […]

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Mombasa: school ministry

The first school we ministered in was a primary school. Here, we had around 550 kids! They were so full of energy it was unbelievable! As we walked in to where they were gathered you’d think that we were international celebrities based on the noise they made to welcome us and I won’t lie – I […]

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