Mombasa: trash dump

We went to the trash dump the day after doing street ministry in another location in Mombasa.  My experience of the first day of ministry was jarring. This was such an unfamiliar environment. I have interacted with people who were high and had to work to support them in the past but this was beyond […]

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Mombasa: school ministry

The first school we ministered in was a primary school. Here, we had around 550 kids! They were so full of energy it was unbelievable! As we walked in to where they were gathered you’d think that we were international celebrities based on the noise they made to welcome us and I won’t lie – I […]

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Location Two: Children’s Home.

This location require two posts, one for ministry and one about my personal revelations and encounters with God. Arrival: When we first arrived. We were all so surprised we went from squatties to sit downs. From sleeping on the floor to having beds. We thought that we were in heaven – or at least we’d […]

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Crash Landing. “Home”

As I walk through the airport to baggage claim. And I realise that this is entirely different reality to landing in Kenya, where for some surreal reason I felt as though I had come home and was even moved to tears at my recognition of God’s faithfulness in allowing me to be in Kenya. This […]

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Better is One…

In Psalms 84:10 we read that:  “For a day in your courts is better than a thousand elsewhere. I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of wickedness.” I was reminded of this not in a moment of pure and holy worship, but in a moment […]

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Why am I here? 

Two weeks ago. I was a little blind sided by this question our speaker asked us.  I responded with the story of how I arrived at the DTS. Which resulted in the question being rephrased.  What do you want?  For me a panicked I knew I wanted freedom and healing, I wanted to leave my […]

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Rest and Sabbath

Sorry I have been so busy I haven’t been keeping you updated.  It’s hard to know what to share with you all. And it’s hard to find time to share whatever I decide to share.  It seems as though everyday is filled. As this was an ‘art intensive’ week(end) I only have to day to […]

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