Trusting the whisper… 

So just over a year ago, I prayed and asked the Lord where my next move would be. This was after (a painful) realisation that my idea of being called into full time ministry/missions would look very different to the plan that God had for me. You see I was attending my second mission school […]

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Clarity & Focus

My last post was about how I needed clarity in my life about my next steps. And I got it. Not even a few minutes later, I got to encounter the peace and joy of heaven when I engaged with a FB group I joined where people practice the prophetic and encourage people regularly. They […]

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Clarity needed.

I’ve spent the last nearly three years pretty much knowing  what came next after each season; which has typically lasted for a year or so. I didn’t tend to know during each season what would be next – generally that old saying “the God of the 11th hour” has been my testimony – I know […]

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The joy of obedience

 I’ve wanted to share this story for  some time but for some reason I haven’t done so yet. Now is the time. It’s a story from my DTS.  Come and  journey back with me to about 5 and a half months ago-  2 weeks before leaving on outreach.  Imagine 66 students packed into a basement. […]

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