Clarity & Focus

My last post was about how I needed clarity in my life about my next steps.

And I got it. Not even a few minutes later, I got to encounter the peace and joy of heaven when I engaged with a FB group I joined where people practice the prophetic and encourage people regularly. They do a word for a word thread from time to time and I decided to join in and hear God’s heart for others.

I found that as soon as my focus shifted from my own insecurities and confusion to others I could connect with the heart of God and the peace of heaven. Papa is so good. He knows exactly what we need and the next morning I had a great call with a friend and we talked about a few different things. I was so encouraged. It was great to hear her testimonies of God’s goodness in her life.

This totally renewed my faith to trust that I heard God and the only thing I heard should be the thing that I go after.

Clarity comes when I choose to look to Jesus and keep my eyes on him.

This is honestly still something that I need to be consistent in.

I reminded myself the other day that growth takes time and it’s ok for me to grow into all the revelations I got  in my last season.





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