Keep walking: strain is temporary

Today, I decided to take a walk to the Central Park I my city to enjoy the sunshine. But this trip served another purpose. It was dry run to where my church meets I’ve never walked there from my new address and so it was a new challenge. 

But that’s not important. What is important, is the realisation- dear I say revelation I had as I walked. So about 10 minutes into my journey my legs really began to hurt. It was really uncomfortable. I considered stopping to relieve the pain but I realised that would only make my journey longer. So I kept walking. I didn’t stop. Just kept on walking. After about 20 minutes more – I realised that I was no longer in pain! 

And then I remembered a TV show I was etching where I guy was aiming to lose weight and during a cycle ride he chose to stop cycling because of the pain he was encountering. 

For me, I was able to apply this to  life. If we keep walking through our pain eventually we discover a moment when we don’t even notice the pain is gone. Breakthrough.  

If we want to get to our breakthrough we have to keep moving through the trials. If we stop the pain only increases because we are further from our final destination. 

When I had this realisation. I had to pray and thank God. I believe God for my breakthrough and I am determined to keep walking.

Are you going to do the same and walk through the pain? 


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