Mombasa: school ministry

The first school we ministered in was a primary school. Here, we had around 550 kids! They were so full of energy it was unbelievable! As we walked in to where they were gathered you’d think that we were international celebrities based on the noise they made to welcome us and I won’t lie – I loved it. 
Their energy gave us energy but it also made us work hard to be heard. This was so completely different from every other primary school we had encountered so far in the more remote places in Kenya and for me this was a redeeming work of God. Seeing young kids interact and respond in a way we hadn’t yet in our ministry so far was a gift. 
The rest of the time out ministry was in secondary schools. In what appeared to be the equivalent of our Christian Union (CU) meetings. I really enjoyed this. 
We had a general outline of a programme that was worship, testimony, talk. With an entertaining game somewhere in between. Many times we didn’t plan well what we would do but relied heavily on the Holy Spirit to lead us. I wish I could say that this was deliberate but at times it was just poor planning. 
 I remember in one school I could sense that the students were observing rather than worshipping so I encouraged them to worship with us, to look beyond the different style of music and remember that we serve on God and something shifted. And they began to worship. 
I had different roles in each team that I was in, I helped with worship,  share either a testimony or a short sermon. It was great as this would come from a place of overflow. I was finally listening to God and going after the words that had been spoken over us. So God allowed me to share what He was teaching me when I drew close to him.
 I was encouraged by the questions asked after we shared and during our talks. The way the students interacted with us seems to show that they were impacted. 

The students would love to take pictures with us. And would joke about going to Germany with us. But who knows maybe one day they will go? 
We encouraged them to be in relationship with God, to enjoy the things that he has for them. To trust him and follow his call to have the best life rather than just a “good” one. Advice based on a phrase one of our speakers taught us: the good is the enemy of the best. The attraction of having a good life can take is away from the best life that God has for us when we follow his call. 

Our team split a lot during schools ministry. So I can’t speak for the other teams but I felt I saw the goodness of God in all the schools I ministered in. And it was a blessing. 


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