Location 3: Working with Missionaries

As we made connections with the missionaries. Further opportunities for ministry arose.

West Pokot:

We joined a lone missionary from Korea, who had a hart for the people of the West Pokot tribe on one her journeys to the tribe. We wre only there for a few days but this opportunity was an answer to our prayers. We felt called to the tribes and an earlier chance to go had escaped us. But this was an amazing opportunity.

We did some more children’s ministry here. And we had lots of fun playing with the kids. I was so touched by the hearts of these children, their innocence and genuine love and care for strangers was so different from other children w had don ministry with. There was somthing so different about them I can’t put it into words.

Here, I experienced one of my favourite encounters on outreach. We wre doing door to door ministry in this case – without doors. We came across a group of young men. And we told them (through translation) that we were there to share the gospel. We presented the gospel and decided to ask them if they had any questions. We were blown away by the questions they askd. They were hinting at life change and asking about sin and polygammy which was a part of their tradition. One man even said “What if a man has met God, but didn’t know him before and h has more than on wife?” so we were also able to share about God’s grace. We did a small bible study taking them through th ten commandments but we also explaind God’s heart behind them and explaind God’s grace and the condition of their hearts. We prayed for them and I was so excited about what their futures would hold. We could sense that God was moving in their hearts! This was a real gift to b able to speak life into their situations.

Baby Centre:

We also blessed a baby rescue organisation. This organisation rescud babies who had been abandond by their parents. Som of the ways in which thes babies were abandoned wre horrific but some were thankfully simply meant that the mother chos to relinquish parental rights and left the baby at the baby centre gates. The baby centre partners with a local church and seeks adoption for the children they rescue. They want their facility to b a tmporary mans to a better end for ths babies.

Here, our ministry was more practical work rather than people based ministry. But this was so cool. It was a blessing to our team because this is whn we split into two smaller teams and we got some respite from the intensity of consistently travelling and living in close quarters with such a large number of people. We flowed together as team easier in this time. We painted non-stop. We got lots done in shorter periods of time and it was great fun. One day, we prayed as we painted and it was awesome.

In this ministry we knew that we had redeemed this organisation’s previous experince of some voluntary groups as we worked diligently. We also had an opportunity to bless the babies there. In the spare time that I had I would pray over th babies as I played with them. The stories they had were hartbreaking, but I believe in a God who has the power to break to chang what is such a sad start to life to something great. God placed a love in my heart for these children and I sought His face on their behalf.

I pray for amazing homes for these children. I pray that you would join me in praying for them.

Our second team blessed another ministry and I will post a guest post from a friend from my team who did ministry there.


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