Location 3: Am I dreaming?

Our next location was just outside of Nakuru. In a conservancy – you know a game park – a reserve.

And yes. You just read that correctly. We were on outreach and our next location was a game park reserve – we were blessed. Truly blessed. I saw so many animals that I could only dream of seeing, I never dared to dream of going to a safari but God is a Father who gives good gifts.

On our first evening we went out on a game drive and this was something that happened often in our first week. We planned to stay for a few days but God had other plans we stayed and served, and used this location as our base to bless others.

At the conservancy many tribes lived in different areas as this was thousands of acres of land. We were involved in ministry with them. We continued the theme  of children’s ministry and at times it didn’t seem like much but again that beautiful hindsight allowd me to see that behind the smiles and the laughter of those children – something was being received. Thy were abl to know that they were seen, and more than that – they were loved. Loved by people yes – but more importantly – loved by God. And that’s why we were there to send that message.

We joined the couple in their ministry helping them to deliver deworming tablets to the tribes in need who lived on the conservancy.

We were also able to minister to long term missionaries who work in the area. It was so amazing for us to be given opportunity as short term missionaries to bless thos who are living and serving. We flt as team that God wanted to really refresh them. We already knew after a matter of weeks that being a missionary is not an easy call to live out and we were so blessed to be able to be a blessing to those who had bn faithful to the call. We had  worship, a talk, an encouragement and washed their feet.

This event was an opportunity for us to connect with these missionaries.


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