Crash Landing. “Home”

As I walk through the airport to baggage claim. And I realise that this is entirely different reality to landing in Kenya, where for some surreal reason I felt as though I had come home and was even moved to tears at my recognition of God’s faithfulness in allowing me to be in Kenya.

This was an altogether different feel. I looked around me and although I was not shocked by the sea of white faces, as I was when returning to Germany. I was immediately disappointed. I wanted to return to return to where I had just come from. Go back to Germany another home of mine – how many do I have?

Although there was no real crash in my landing, I certainly felt that way. Crash. Bang. You’re back. Back in England where everyone sounds just like you or little bit different because no matter how often you tell people you’re from the Caribbean your accent makes that seem like a lie as it reflects the last 17 years spent in place you called  home.

But am I really home? Did I not feel Kenya was my home, and what about my last 4 days in Germany where I imagined living there – desired to live there.

So is it Kenya, Germany or England? Do I need to choose? No I don’t believe I do because God has given me the nations as my inheritance.

But I’m back. Back to new reality where I put to test the experiences of the last 6 months. Here we go. Get ready for a good ride. You know it will be bumpy because it feels so weird to be “home” but where is my home?

Home is where my head rests because the Lord has called me there but in the deepest part of my soul; I know that – heaven is my home.


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