Location One: The Crusade

Our team lead a crusade in Ringa centre. A quick definition of our crusade was an open air church service. Sharing the gospel. We set up speakers and hooked up microphones. We had a mixture of local worship with members of the local church leading some worship then we would lead some worship also, we would have some people share testimonies and we would also have a sermon or two.
Again from my own perspective it was hard to see what impact we had. I personally was not asked to pray with anyone, but I know that I was told and also heard from other members of my team that the worship songs we sang that the locals were unaccustomed to impacted them.
Members of my team have their own testimonies of praying for people and helping them deal with varying life issues.
Our biggest audience was children. So one day of our crusade we focused on them! It was great to focus on them. They were all so cute – I mean the children. I saw so many beautiful children. And although I didn’t pray for them so that they were aware of it I prayed many prayers for the children I saw. And I know that God is a God who hears and answers prayer.
We had a lot of response when we invited people to write down prayers and put them in an empty water bottle we brought along with us as a prophetic sign that they were giving their prayers to God. I myself submitted a prayer concerning my finances for the rest of my fees and also my journey home. It was great cause not only did I genuinely feel as though I had given my burden to God. But I also knew that God had heard my prayer and wanted to act quickly on it, that same evening – a friend spoke with her parents and they decided to give her money to put towards someone else’s outreach fees and I was the one she wanted to bless. Amazing!
The goodness of God never ceases to amaze me.


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