Location One: door-to-door

I am sure you’re all wondering what outreach in Kenya looks like for me. And I want to tell you, I hope I fill in all the blanks.
So the very beginning was God’s kindness in some much needs rest after many hours of travelling through the night and the next morning/afternoon.
We had no issues once we arrived on Kenyan soil. Praise the Lord. We spent a few days in Nairobi being hosted by a children’s home. There we played with the children and sang songs. One of the children told me that he thought I was Kenyan because I wasn’t white (an assumption that has been made often since).
It was humbling to hear about how these children had lived I of the biggest slums in Kenya but now they had a home here. From here, we went to the countryside of Kenya to a place called Ringa.
In Ringa, our work began. We started with door-to-door ministry, going from house to house to fellowship with people. This was my first experience of this. I was taken aback by the openness of the culture. There was only one house where we were not permitted to go in the entire three weeks of doing this ministry.
It doesn’t take a lot for me to feel awkward and so I felt uncomfortable just going into people’s homes but this didn’t last long as we were usually welcomed so warmly and we were often invited to share in the little that our gracious hosts had to offer.
Other than simply feeling awkward, I felt as though what I did had little impact because many Kenyans have some belief in God, as was the case for all if the people I personally visited. This for me made it difficult to speak about God’s grace and the fact that he wanted a relationship with them. As a team we would pray and bless the homes we visited. And I pray that our chats and our prayers impacted them more that what I was able to see.
At the same time. Just praying for some people was all the blessing I needed. I was happy to meet people who loved Jesus and believed in the power of prayer. We were invited by one man specifically because he knew that we were in Ringa for some time. He was such a kind man. We prayed for His wife and saw the Lord work on her, before us there was no complete healing but He began a good work that I know He will complete. We were blessed to able to see this man on a regular basis and though we had no common earthly language we were able to know that we shared a deep love for each other because the love of God was in us.
Immediately I have come to know that Outreach for me won’t always be ministering to hose who don’t know Jesus. It is just as important to minister to those who know him but they are in need. Outreach is not simply about saving those who are lost but caring for the body of Christ and one is not greater than the other. Both are important to Christ himself. He loves the lost and those he had found with the same measure.


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