The Journey to Kenya

Setting off on our journey to Kenya was an emotional one. It truly is amazing how strangers can become like family in only a matter of three months time. In 90 days i formed a bond with people that I know will not be broken even if not all of us keep in regular contact they will always have a piece of my heart.

It was especially hard for me to say good-bye to a good friend who is genuinely a sister to me, as we were heading to different outreach locations. The Lord knows why he brought us together to send us to different places but i trust in His plan more than m emotions.

Anyway the journey was nicely sprinkled with a number of delays which caused slight tension and worry for one or two members of the team but overall we saw Gods favour as we prayed each time we faced a delay and we saw God’s faithfulness in reducing the delays or in making us calm as we waited them out.

For me our reaction to theses delays even before we had truly “started” our outreach was an indication of how our team would weather the challenges we were sure to face ahead.

We will not be put off by a few delays but we will press forward knowing the God we serve and that there is greater purpose to His sending us to Kenya to be disturbed by a few delays.

All in all. We arrived in Kenya safely.



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