Outreach Destination

So in a matter of days I will be heading to Kenya on Outreach. 

I am really excited, I had more money than I expected to have at this stage but I still need more but I have seen the faithfulness of God in his provision for me so far. 

  • I had enough money to pay for my ticket from the money I raised/earned and was sponsored before arriving in Germany.
  • I was blessed by fellow DTS students with money towards my outreach fees
  • I had money in an account that I didn’t know existed in the country I was born in and some of that money was able to go towards my fees as well as purchasing eh extra vaccinations and equipment I needed. 
  • When shopping for equipment I found some amazing deals 

I know that God’s faithfulness is not limited to these examples. 

I would ask that you join me in praying for the remaining fees to be paid off. 

I am still need around 800€ or roughly £700 in English money. As I have said I have seen God’s faithfulness this far and I know that He won’t stop supporting me. 

It is a comfort to know that people are praying and supporting you though! 

Thanks in advance  for your prayers! 


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