Rest and Sabbath

Sorry I have been so busy I haven’t been keeping you updated. 

It’s hard to know what to share with you all. And it’s hard to find time to share whatever I decide to share. 

It seems as though everyday is filled. As this was an ‘art intensive’ week(end) I only have to day to really take as sabbath. 

Ahh there we have it. Sabbath I will share that with you first. As a school we received a good challenge from one of our speakers in this last week on this subject. 

For you, I will pose it as a question. 

When you rest, are you really resting with God or are you simply disconnecting? 

I had to really evaluate how I took rest. Even now in I am say in a cafe with a Chai tea in front of me waiting for it to cool. I am alone but am I really taking the Sabbath? 

I can only find true rest in his presence and I feel that for me that is something I need to actively choose to engage with. 

Yes he is ever with me but, am I ever connecting and engaging with his constant presence?


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