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Hey all,

So this blogging thing will be far more difficult than I first anticipated. So please bear with me. Wifi is not easily available where we are.

I don’t know a lot about YWAM but I have heard a few of my colleagues who are doing this DTS say that YWAM are infamous for not being the most organised. I made some assumptions before I came and didn’t ask if my assumptions were correct before I came. And that was only about wifi.

So I will try to update you as when I can but it won’t be easy – I am sorry.

I live with 20 other girls in an old office building it’s a little like glamping and I have to take a short walk across the street in order to shower.

The average age of those doing the DTS are teenagers and those in their early 20s so I am kind of old. But we have a few people who are 30 – 40. So there is no upper age limit.

At the moment there are just over 60 of us in the school, which is small last year they had over 100 students.

We still don’t know where we will be able to go on outreach but we have been told that we will have a choice of 5 locations.

The staff (the people who lead the DTS) they have been on a journey of faith in terms of finding buildings and lecture space for us all. So we all know what it is to walk in faith together – I feel that makes this experience even more special.

I am excited to be invited into a movement. Knowing what God has for me is far bigger than I can imagine….

I find it amazing thatthe building we now


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