I have arrived safely in Germany! 

I arrived two days before the DTS started. It was a little awkward at first trying to get to know the girls I am living with as we all slowly arrived but it’s amazing to see what a difference a day made. 

I know that I don’t these women well yet but I am quickly feeling as though I have know them for far longer than the reality of five days. 

If I were you there is so much I would like to know. I am going to attempt to answer your questions, and if I don’t please feel free to ask me anything in a comment. 

My flight was pretty straight forward. It was an hour and a half. When I arrived in Nürnberg. A friend met me, by chance I met two other YWAMers and we travelled together to our final destination. 

The first evening of getting to know my roomies was generously scattered with awkward silences, a pilgrimage that required us to buy pizza in order to access the wifi so I could set my parents at ease to let them know I had arrived safely! 

We went exploring the next day and just took in the beauty of the city we are now calling home. The building in the old city are so beautiful. 

On Saturday we received our official welcome. It was so encouraging to be welcomed not into a building but intoa community. To be reminded that. Every person has been hand picked by God to be in the school. 

It was so exciting for me to hear these words I kept having to fight the urge to shout I was so excited about being there and the prospect of having an amazing time with God. 

Having the base leader remind us that it wasn’t just me but all of those present who had been hand picked by God was so exciting! Knowing that we are all in a family together I wasn’t only excited for myself but for all of us!

I am staying in an old office building with 20 other women. So far it has been great!  


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