As the sun sets

I make myself laugh. God is so amazingly patient. I started this adventure so excited – I was running off all the adrenaline that comes with most adventures we embark on when the end is just a blur in the middle distance because the future is uncertain… I forget that with me I am easily […]

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More Info

Hey all, So this blogging thing will be far more difficult than I first anticipated. So please bear with me. Wifi is not easily available where we are. I don’t know a lot about YWAM but I have heard a few of my colleagues who are doing this DTS say that YWAM are infamous for […]

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I have arrived safely in Germany!  I arrived two days before the DTS started. It was a little awkward at first trying to get to know the girls I am living with as we all slowly arrived but it’s amazing to see what a difference a day made.  I know that I don’t these women […]

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