Going… Going… Gone!

My last post some time ago now, was all about coming through the fog.

Well, my update is that there is no longer any fog. The weather forecast of my life is all about clear blue skies. I have had my hope renewed! I am excited. I am in no doubt that there will be challenges ahead but I know that I won’t have to endure them alone.

Unfortunately there is good news and bad news. I am not sure which order you like it served up, but this is my blog and I can’t actually ask many of you – so you’ll have to get it as it comes (the way I prefer to receive it).

Bad news first – ingest the sour then follow up with the deliciously sweet. Anyway, I will stop putting off. Y’all I am sorry I punked out, I gave up and possibly ever so slightly failed in thinking two steps ahead as a referenced in my previous post. I said I wanted to do 3 weeks of events – unperturbed by the last minute nature of the events – but that has not happened.

I am really sorry, I talked the talk. And although I am digitally being held accountable I kind of forgot that I made my intentions public if I am perfectly honest. The fact of the matter is last minute ain’t always so hot even if I can handle the pressure. There is an element of strategy that is required in fundraising and I am heavily lacking in that area.

But what I can say is that I have learned a lesson or two or maybe even several. I know that if I am going to inform you all of something that I need to keep myself more accountable to sticking to it (I don’t want let you down). Strategy and detailed and diligent planning and commitment is required when organising fundraisers and if you don’t know someone else needs to know what they’re doing and then it’s ok for you to just stand there and look pretty and pretend to know what’s going on (I joke – in part *smiles*). You need to know people who know people to make fundraising work superbly.

However! How-so-ever my friends. In spite of this minor set back on my part there is good news. A lesson I have learned before but have been reminded of recently is the heart of God is moved by our attitudes. As soon as I saw a change and transition in not dwelling on being disappointed I saw breakthrough after waiting what felt like months (but was in reality a matter of days) I received some positive responses to my support email. Victory number 1 – (or is it number 2? if we chalk up my change in attitude as a victory). Either way a victory. Then, I did host the food based weekends I mentioned in my last post and although I panicked for a while that no one would come – yep – you’ve got it people came! And the people who came – they my friends were generous! Real generous!

My flight has been booked! I was blessed by my parents 🙂 and I am set to leave a week today. Crazy.

This thing that started out as “Well I think I heard God speak so I am gonna try it” – It’s happening. I have money for the first set of fees and I am on my way with raising the money I need for other expenses.

My faith is rising and my excitement is here. I am on cloud 9.

Apart of all of this includes God fulfilling a very specific gift he told me he would give me months before I even knew what the gift was for!

If he said it – He will do it. He tells us that his word won’t come back to Him unaccomplished. He is so awesomely faithful – it’s unreal? Nope – it’s definitely real – cause I am living it. But, I will admit that at times it is hard to fathom even when you are living it!

So I may have given up on my last minute fundraisers, but I did not give up entirely. And I don’t plan to give up once I leave either. I have no idea what thinking two steps ahead will look like when I get to Germany (lessons learned – no false promises being made). But what I do know is that God is faithful. He has me in the palm of His hand and because He loves me He will see me through. Financially and otherwise cause this whole  trip is not even about the money. The money is just a small part of the journey.

Guys, please. I really don’t want to experience the goodness of God all by myself I want you to celebrate with me and grow in faith as I journey with God in this next season.

Buckle up!


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