Coming through the fog.

For the last few days I have been feeling quite excited and peaceful about my upcoming journey. Ahh give or take a few concerns here and there *smiling*.

So we have the practical concern of err my flight isn’t actually booked yet but I am going. Trust me, I am going.

‘The Struggle’ references the ‘Fog’ of this week’s post. But it’s lifting, I am moving forward – I am not hanging around waiting for results twiddling my thumbs. I am wildly flailing the weapon of freewill. The one that refuses to allow me to become stagnant after wallowing in doubt and self pity.

If this, doesn’t work what will. Thinking two steps ahead! I have options and I refuse to be defeated. I am not sure how I got here but I just reached a moment of realisation that I need to try everything. And I became even more motivated in this line of thinking after meeting with a friend who shared a nugget of wisdom that someone else had shared with her:

“You have to think two steps ahead”

There are elements in this journey so far where I really have not done that, and when I fully comprehend all that I am beginning to see and learn there may be a blog about that too. To some extent I am sharing what I can see in part.

And for those of you who are reading this wide-eyed in horror. And possibly thinking or shouting at your screen  “Err what were you planning on doing Vivace?!”

Well I don’t know. Maybe I thought God would show mercy to me as I wallowed in self pity when things may not have turned out as I hoped yet again. Well don’t you worry friends. I finally connected with the deepening epiphany of freewill and my power to choose.

I am fundraising the old fashioned way over the next 3 weeks. A food based weekend from 21st -22nd August.

A water based afternoon of fun (on the river!) and maybe something else…

Who knows…

And if they don’t work I pray. Leave for Germany and think of more fundraising ideas to do while across the seas.


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