What others see…

At 24, I genuinely wish that I cared less about what others thought of me. At 24 I hope and think that I care less than I did at 16 or 18 but I still care. I am sure you’re confused. Walk with me. I spend a lot of time freaking out mainly internally (or […]

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Going… Going… Gone!

My last post some time ago now, was all about coming through the fog. Well, my update is that there is no longer any fog. The weather forecast of my life is all about clear blue skies. I have had my hope renewed! I am excited. I am in no doubt that there will be […]

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Coming through the fog.

For the last few days I have been feeling quite excited and peaceful about my upcoming journey. Ahh give or take a few concerns here and there *smiling*. So we have the practical concern of err my flight isn’t actually booked yet but I am going. Trust me, I am going. ‘The Struggle’ references the […]

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