How it began

Back in June there were only two months remaining until my Internship with a church owned project in Bedford  came to an end. I also had  2 weeks of annual leave coming up and  no plans. I felt a bit at a loss, until I decided to a YWAM (Youth With a Mission) base a stone’s throw away for a retreat day after a recommendation with the mention of a worship night carrying a weight of significance, I knew I had to go – God had been on worship with me for about 3 weeks running.

So here I am retreating, and God spoke. He spoke about joining my heart for worship with my heart for the nations. Great right? I heard from the maker of the Universe I should be happy and satisfied. But honestly, I was a little disappointed that He didn’t tell me what came next, what should I do after the Internship ends?

God is in control. Skip ahead a few hours. The worship evening – YWAM students  had just returned from Outreach and shared testimonies of what God had done!  I understood the significance of attending on this night –   I was impacted. I could relate to each testimony shared  and was overwhelmed by the presence of the Father.

One  lady shared about making a commitment to being a missionary in Africa before she even knew who God was at a very early age, another shared about being recognised as a missionary by her family, and another spoke of God protecting her family away on mission. And I was stirred I knew God was saying “This is who you are. A missionary.” I could feel it within me but I freaked out. I could not hear God speaking I was simply aware of his presence. I didn’t know what to make of it, I just knew “this is significant”. I asked for prayer and  shared again about how the evening had impacted me and how I knew I had to be there on that night and then it came –  the suggestion – “maybe God wants you to do a DTS (Discipleship Training School).”

I was unsure –  another year of my life working for free? But I couldn’t deny that it was no coincidence God had lead me here to hear those testimonies. I arranged to meet with my discipler and she shared she thought that I may do a DTS. When I talked through  the events of the previous day I felt peace about it as a viable next step but I knew I still needed to pray.

As I spoke to God I was reminded of a prophetic word about “only scratching the surface” of what God had for me, which was confirmed a few days later with an encouraging text with similar wording. I was excited and increasingly peaceful. I knew that God had spoken about Worship and that would be my focus.

After much searching (and some stressing) I found the Marriage of the Arts DTS  at YWAM Herrnhut. I applied – and I have been accepted, it starts this September 2015. I am trusting God to provide the fees and various expenses.

Although this is long it’s merely a snap shot of the full story of the day and subsequent confirmations I have had. My encounters of God’s kindness have amazed me and I know that this is only the beginning.


5 thoughts on “How it began

  1. Keep going you’re doing so awesomely. To keep walking forwards in faith takes courage and surrender. He will make a way where there is none it might just not be in the way you expect.


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