The ‘who?’ and ‘why?’of learningtobesatisfied

Hey guys!

Who am I?  My name is Vivace. If you said Viv-ace – you’d be incorrect I’m afraid, it’s pronounced Viv-ah-chee or another helpful pronunciation tip is to imagine that I my full name is Viv Archie. It’s in the dictionary if you wanna look it up – fancy huh? I’m just kidding about being fancy but my name really is in the dictionary. It’s an Italian musical term; but no, I’m not Italian – I’m Antiguan – that’s where I was born [Antigua] but I have spent the last 17 or so years of my life living in England.

I have grown up in church I most of that spent in Pentecostal and just short of the last 3 years in a Charismatic church. I have now attended 2 churches within that time. I have been a loud vivacious person and totally personify my name which means ‘lively’.. I spent a lot of my life planning every step of it, only to be disappointed. This came from a place of not fully trusting people or God if I really thought about it, this mindset resulted in a life of self-reliance and continuously wanting to “help out” in his plans for my life (to my own detriment). But God has been teaching me to move from self reliance to total satisfaction – in finding my sustenance in him. I have totally enjoyed the journey of getting to know God more deeply and thus discovering who I am and the call on my life. The nations.

That was the ‘who?’, now to tackle the ‘why?’ :

If all goes well I will be spending at least the next 7 months of my life in Germany well not quite. I will be spending 7 months doing a DTS (Discipleship Training School) with YWAM (Youth With a Mission) and the first 3 months will be lectures in Germany and the following 3 months will be spent doing Outreach and back to Germany for a debrief etc. What my plan is after this I genuinely don’t know but I can live with that, because God has proven himself more than capable of giving me direction when the time is right.

So the point of this blog is to document the process of this adventure and the adventures to come… I think this is going to be one of the biggest thus far but I would say it started before I got to this point.

My plan is to catch you up a little bit. And then just keep you posted as the adventure unfolds! I am so excited and I hope you will be too when you read about the my journey thus far.

So stay tuned.


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